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Future Students

Future Students

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The School of Interdisciplinary Science (SIS) fosters exploration and discovery while emphasizing experiential, collaborative and student-centered learning. SIS brings together three unique, interdisciplinary programs: Honours Integrated Science (iSci), Honours Life Sciences and Medical Radiation Sciences. Home to many of the Faculty of Science’s undergraduate students, SIS faculty and staff collaborate with faculty members and staff from different disciplines and backgrounds from across the Faculty and beyond to offer a unique learning environment. We strive to make the School a national and international centre for interdisciplinary science education, and an incubator for ways to enhance student learning and help students reach their full potential.

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For Integrated Science and Medical Radiation Sciences, students directly apply from high school for entry into Level I. Both programs require admission application in addition to the standard University application.

Our Life Sciences program starts in Level II. Students enrolled in McMaster’s Faculty of Science in Level I (e.g., who were admitted in any of the four gateway program) choose an honours program at the end of their first year. The School of Interdisciplinary Science offers many Honours Life Sciences programs; details can be found here.

Medical Radiation Sciences (MRSc) encompasses health professions that use various forms of radiation in diagnostic and therapeutic patient care. This is one of the fastest growing primary health care fields. We offer a fully integrated program offered jointly through Mohawk College and McMaster University, which gives students both an Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences degree. Our joint MRSc program provides graduates with skills that prepare them for lifelong, self-directed learning and critical thinking, and to become an integral part of the health care team. After completing their first year, students choose one of two professional specializations: ultrasonography or radiography. Our program includes three, four-month clinical field placements to provide real-life experience.

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Integrated Science or iSci puts into practice innovative concepts that link science education and leading research topics, providing a holistic view of science through the interaction of various science disciplines. Students learn broad fundamentals while having the opportunity to specialize in a selected discipline. Our most popular specializations include chemistry, chemical biology, biology, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, medical physics, Earth science and environmental science, geography and environmental science, and psychology, neuroscience and behaviour. This gives students the opportunity to explore a specialist field with a wide range of knowledge.

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Students may enter our Honours Life Science programs in Level II from any Level I Gateway in the Faculty of Science, with the appropriate prerequisites. We also offer a 3-year non-honours program..

  • Honours Life Sciences
  • Honours Life Sciences, Specialization in Sensory Motor Processes
  • Honours Life Sciences, Specialization in Origins of Disease

Level II Admission Requirements

See the Undergraduate Calendar.

Three-Year Degree

  • Bachelor of Life Sciences is a 3-year degree (90 units)

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Level III Entry Programs

Students, enrolled in our our Honours Life Science Level II programs, may apply to the Life Sciences Co-op program. This program starts in Level III.

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The Office of the Associate Dean of Science (Academic) offers the McMaster Academic Planner or M.A.P. to help you plan your degree requirements and opportunities. The Office also offers in person academic advising.