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SIS Open Science Courses

The School of Interdisciplinary Science administers a number of Science courses that are open to students in the Faculty of Science or students from other Faculties. These courses emphasize leadership and science communication skills and assist with personal growth.

Please view the Undergraduate Calendar for a list of additional Science courses

Courses Open To All Students In The Faculty Of Science:

This course will engage students in considering the role of mentorship in their science education and developing their own mentoring and goal-setting skills. This course explores the theory and practice of how mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees. SCIENCE 2A03 Peer mentors will interact with Level I Science students enrolled in SCIENCE 1A03 in a tutorial-like environment in a 25:2 (student:peer mentor) ratio.

An experiential approach to teaching and learning, the course will allow students to investigate and apply the fundamentals of curriculum design through the development of learning modules in their scientific field of interest. Students will explore both in theory and practice how research in pedagogy can inform science education and curriculum design.

An interdisciplinary field camp experience to introduce students to field investigations, equipment and methodologies used by a range of professionals including ecologists, earth and environmental scientists. Most of this course occurs outside the regular academic term, usually within the two weeks following the end of term in April or within the two weeks preceding the start of term in September; details and applications are available in December.

Open To All Students In A Level I Gateway Program In The Faculty Of Science:

This course is designed for first-year students in the Faculty of Science enrolled in our four Gateways. The goal of the course is to prepare students for their university careers through the introduction to the people, academic programs, resources and attitudes needed during their undergraduate studies. For a course overview, see Introducing SCIENCE 1A03.

Watch video: SCIENCE 1A03 – E-Learning Demo

Open To All Students In Level II Or Above Of Any Faculty:

This course examines the linkage between science and society. Topics include: How can science address the key challenges in our society? How does society impact the way that science is conducted? It examines basic scientific theories and concepts, and highlights the application and interpretation of science in the context of popular media and policy. Because policies on issues relevant to human health and our environment are informed by the work of scientists, we want to establish a common ground of understanding about how science is conducted, how knowledge changes and how we can be better consumers of scientific information.

Open To Students Registered In Level II Or Above In The Faculty Of Humanities, Science, Social Science, Or An Arts & Science Program, And With The Permission Of The Instructor: