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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences research at McMaster encompasses the use of interdisciplinary approaches to study the biology, chemistry and behaviour of life. These include:

  • understanding the chemical interactions within cells and how these cells interact with each other to form tissues and organ systems
  • investigating the neural and autonomous regulation of our bodily processes
  • integrating our studies with elements of human behaviour and environmental factors that can influence these processes.

Using model organisms and advanced scientific techniques, life sciences research can evaluate the critical pathogenic trends that emerge during our interactions with the environment. We are also better able to appreciate the pathophysiological consequences of disease to attain a more holistic perspective on human health and well-being.

Information Box Group

A portrait of Ana Campos

Ana Campos

Director, School of Interdisciplinary Science

A portrait of Kimberley Dej

Kimberley Dej

Associate Professor

A portrait of Chad Harvey

Chad Harvey

Associate Professor
Associate Director Integrated Science Program

Heather O'Reilly (Johnston)

Assistant Professor