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Independent Project in Science Communication

Promotion of communicationStudents in the Honours Life Sciences program can take advantage of many Independent Study courses that satisfy the Experiential Learning Requirement (Course List C) in the Life Sciences Programs.

The following course may qualify to fulfill the above requirement and will be discussed upon receipt of application.

SCICOMM 4A03: Independent Project in Science Communication

In this course, students work with an academic supervisor on a research or creative project in science communication. Students are responsible for arranging a suitable independent project and supervision and are required to submit an online application thirty days prior to the date classes begin in each term (see the Sessional Dates section of this Calendar).

Normally students will complete 60 hours of independent study work through the duration of the course.

Prerequisite(s): One of LIFESCI 3P03, 3R03, SCICOMM 3P03, 3R03; and registration in Level IV or above of an Honours program and permission of the supervising faculty member and the School of Interdisciplinary Science (SIS)

You should reach out immediately to potential supervisors at McMaster University to inquire if they will have any such opportunities.

Contact in case you are having difficulty . We cannot guarantee or find a placement for you but we will try our best to assist you in connecting with a potential supervisor/placement.

I’m interested, how do I apply?

 Complete the required application in full.


30 days prior to the beginning of each term you wish to complete the course.